Nandanie represents innovation in women’s accessories by pioneering a novel approach to women’s ties. Traditionally a male dominated category, Nandanie entered an untouched market to update and modernize mens neckwear for women, taking a modern twist on this fashion category.

Beautifully designed in New York City, Nandanie ties are hand-crafted in fair trade facilities using exclusively sustainably sourced luxury material. Created in various styles and fabrics, the ties are Pre-Tied and are as easy as putting on a necklace. As the first women’s luxury tie brand, the Nandanie mission is to inspire confidence, embrace equality and create a lasting impression.

Nandanie is created by Nancy Daniele Berman, an entrepreneur with an expansive background in marketing and philanthropy, who decided to make a bold move for herself and enter into the fashion industry, a place where her love of both business and creativity thrive. The spark of inspiration for Nandanie originated through Nancy’s son’s closet, when she realized the gap the industry has for neck ties designed specifically for women.  For Nancy, a tie represents more than just a fashion accent, it represents social equality and confidence.

Be bold. Be heard. Be seen. (Nandanie)

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