The brand Maria Glezelli was born out of the desire to design and make contemporary, lightweight pieces of jewelry that would combine wearability with visual beauty.

Athens-born designer Maria Glezelli has a keen eye and passion for painting and crafting, getting inspiration from the unravelling panorama of the Athenian history where she grew up.  She moves to London and starts working in jewellery sector as well as a frequent traveller to Tuscany, Maria never stops refreshing her points of reference on visual culture.Nowadays Maria Glezelli Jewelry is designed and handcrafted in her workshop in Florence by the designer herself.

Committed to preserving tradition, Maria combines age-old techniques with innovative designs. Each piece of jewelry is crafted entirely by hand with precision, artistry and distinctive craftsmanship without the use of any machinery, using a traditional Greek knitting technique that has been passed through several generations.

“I have always been fascinated by opposing forces and particularly by the challenging dialogue between fragility and strength. This duality is what I’m trying to encapsulate in my work; the delicate feminine nature into a durable personal adornment” (MG).

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