Brenda Agradi is a gritty and feminine clothing brand characterized by bold lines, captivating prints and colors. The collections speak about freedom of expression, emancipation, body awareness, sensuality; the garments are designed for strong, independent and confident women. Women who don’t set limits, enjoying life and playing with their style.

The garments are entirely produced in Italy, from the design, to the prototyping and the production of the finished product, using top quality materials; the brand is committed to reducing its environmental impact through the use of organic cotton, eco-friendly fabrics, recycled nylon, combining sustainability and style.

“My creations are the reflection of my interpretation of the world, of my wish to travel and to discover it in all its colors. Brenda Agradi is curiosity, grit and ambition. My hope is that whoever wears my clothes will be inspired to pursue their own self”. (Brenda Agradi)

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